You can't create an open marketplace from inside a black box

That's why at Info Station we've placed such emphasis on ensuring high inventory quality: because we believe that buyers and sellers deserve to know exactly what they're buying and selling in real time. We've gone and ahead and built a first programmatic market based as much on trust and transparency as on dollars and cents.

Marketers run the risk of paying for media that is never seen, or worse, gets served to bots and not to an actual, desired audience. Additionally, Info Station advanced data forensics guarantee fully viewable buying in our marketplace. Meanwhile, our sophisticated statistical models can detect and pre-emptively eliminate invalid traffic.

Info Station also offers seamless integration with third-party verification technologies including Moat, Integral Ad Science, and DoubleVerify.

Info Station Features

We filter out invalid traffic before marketers have a chance to purchase.

We stamp out any attempt at URL usurpation to ensure your ads run where they should.

Unlike any other platform, we provide you with free native viewability measurement and reporting by default.

You’ll only ever have to pay for impressions that are verified as being viewable across our marketplace.

Brand Safety: The Info Station Commitment

In light of recent news stories about inventory quality in programmatic exchanges, Info Station is pleased to clarify the steps that we take to protect the brand safety of buyers who transact in our marketplace. We have strong inventory quality policies in place, and we endeavor to enforce these policies consistently and in real time.

Specifically, Info Station bars from its marketplace domains that:

  • Violate our prohibitions against hate speech, piracy, pornography, and graphic violence;
  • Promote the sale of firearms, ammunition, or explosives;
  • Fail to meet technical and creative standards;
  • Attract invalid non-human traffic;
  • Act primarily as content farms (i.e., are intended purely to generate advertising impressions);
  • Engage in deceptive acts in commerce (a category that includes but is not limited to “fake news”).


Over the past several years, we have invested significant resources to develop both automated and human processes to detect and either remediate or remove offending domains. Specifically, we employ a standalone team of data scientists and auditors tasked with maintaining the quality of our marketplace.

In addition, where appropriate, we share information with our ecosystem partners and ask that customers bring to our immediate attention any potential violations of our marketplace rules. We also work closely with third-party verification services that have integrated with our core platform, and we offer tools to customers who elect to operate in a white-listed environment.

Of course, it’s one thing to announce a set of policies. It’s another matter altogether to enforce them consistently and on an ongoing basis.

Our decision several months ago to bar the political domain Breitbart.com from our marketplace for violation of our hate speech policy was controversial. It did not draw uniform praise within the industry or among general interest news outlets. But it was emblematic of our commitment to safeguard the brand safety of buyers who transact in our marketplace.

To the best of our ability, Info Station will continue to invest in its enforcement processes and maintain a marketplace that meets the high standards that our customers expect.